Frequently Questions

How do I make a purchase on

It’s simple, safe and convenient! Add your favorite drinks to the basket. Once you have finished choosing the products you want, click on the shopping cart icon in the top right of your screen. Review the items you have chosen. Once you have accepted the terms and conditions, you will be asked to fill in your contact details (delivery address, telephone, name) and credit card information. Once you are finished, will dispatch your order.

Can I order without limit?

There is no limit to the total order drinks.

Is the site secure?

Of course! We take security and online safety very seriously. We have invested significant resources in building a secure website using the most advanced technology. We ensure that all information is kept confidential by using the most advanced security methods and encryption systems available today. All data transferred from your device to our servers is encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This method scrambles the content and makes them a meaningless sequence of symbols, letters and numbers cannot be decrypted.

What are the forms of payment?

We accept all American Express, Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards. We also accept payment through FPX or online Bank Transfers.

What are the customer service hours?

You can call Monday through Friday between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm or send an email to at any time.

What is your returns policy?

At we sell well known, high quality brands of alcohol so when you place an order you can be confident that you’re getting exactly what you’re expecting.

We are happy to accept returns of product that are delivered damaged or unusable for any reason. We don’t expect this to ever happen but please call our customer service line within 24 hours of delivery in the event that it does.

Because we already offer the best prices and FREE delivery, we are unable to accept returns if you simply change your mind and decide you no longer want the items we’ve delivered.

If you are holding an event and are unsure what quantities, you need please call our team to discuss. We will assist with quantities and may be able to offer a unique refund policy for your event. Contact us at 01112414046 or email us at CUSTOMER CARE:

Can I deliver to an international address?

For the moment we cannot make deliveries to other countries.

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